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Bone DNA Test

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Bone DNA Test

This is a test that enables paternity and kinship verification by testing DNA from bone.

  • - Principle of testingDNA is a genetic substance that contains all personal genetic information, and each person has his or her own DNA pattern inherited from their parents, which distinguishes him or her from others. bone DNA testing is a test that verifies the paternity or kinship by interpreting the DNA profile specific to the bone by extracting DNA from the bone. DowGene DNA Testing Company performs testing and interpretation based on CODIS, used by the FBI in the U.S
  • - Testable specimens bone (femurs), teeth, etc.
  • - Test Procedures Request for testing → Collection of specimen and acceptance of application → DNA extraction → PCR amplification → Genotype analysis and interpretation → Notification of results
  • - Test Results It is possible to verify paternity and kinship by interpreting the genotype in the bone.
  • - Results of base sequence analysis from bone
  • Results of base sequence analysis from bone
  • - Results of paternity verification from bone DowGene, DowGene DNA Testing Company examines the gene locus of 16 to 23 STR genes, including sex chromosomes, and acknowledges the paternity when the probability value is 99.9% or more. However, we investigate the possibility of mutation when a disagreement is found in one or two of the gene locuses.
  • - Application cases of bone Testing
    • • When kinship verification is required to resolve a cemetery dispute
    • • When kinship verification is required for a lost tomb
    • • When kinship verification is required for a cemetery without surviving family or relatives
  • Application cases of bone Testing

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