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Kind Identification DNA Tests

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Kind Identification DNA Tests

This is a test intended to determine the species through the DNA testing of foreign substances found in processed products or food.

  • - Principle of testing Any living creature has a conserved part and modified part that shows differences in genes between species, and this test classifies lines and species through an analysis of the gene that represents the unique characteristics of a species.
    The species detection DNA testing determines the species by analyzing genes that exist in the mitochondria DNA such as Cytochrome c oxidase I(COXI), Cytochrome B(COB) and D-loop.
  • - Testable specimens specimen, foreign substance to verify
Testable specimens
Test Item Specimen
Determination of species in foreign substances found in food Specimens from human body (hair, nails, blood, flesh, bone fragments), animals, plants, insects, etc.
Species determination of animal in foreign substances 35 kinds of mammals, birds and fish
Species determination of vegetable in foreign substances 42 kinds of grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms
Determination of species in food ingredients that cause allergies 12 kinds of foreign substances that cause allergies
  • - Test Procedures Request for testing → Receipt of specimen → DNA extraction → PCR amplification → Genotype analysis and interpretation → Notification of results
  • - Test ResultsThe species of a substance found in a processed product or food is determined when the base sequence amplified from species-specific genotype of DNA extracted from the foreign substance matches.
  • Food foreign substance species determination -1[Food foreign substance species determination -1]
  • Food foreign substance species determination -2[Food foreign substance species determination -2]
  • Animal foreign substance species determination[Animal foreign substance species determination]
  • Allergy-inducing ingredient determination[Allergy-inducing ingredient determination]
  • - Application cases of species determination DNA testing
    • • When the species determination of foreign substance found in a processed product or food is required
    • • When the determination of the species of foreign substance found in food / animal substance / vegetable substance / allergy-inducing substance is required

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