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A KOLAS Internationally certified testing laboratory-A Class A testing institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (For eight consecutive years since 2007).

Individual Identification and Paternity Tests for Canine

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Individual Identification and Paternity Tests for Canine

Individual Canine identification and paternity testing are tests intended to verify the identification of a Canine and its lineage by analyzing the STR genotype of its chromosome.

  • - Principle of testing DNA is genetic material that contains all the genetic information of an organism. For example, every Canine has its own DNA genotype, which distinguishes it from other Canines, by inheriting DNA from the parent Canines.
    This DNA genotype is the genetic information specific to that Canine: it enables the identification of the Canine, and is a combination of gene loci featuring chain repetitions.
    Individual identification is a test intended to determine the identicalness of DNA by verifying through the analysis whether the DAN genotypes extracted from two specimens of the applicable Canine match each other. In addition, paternity testing is a method intended to verify paternity by examining whether the genotype of a pup and those of the parent Canines match each other, utilizing the genetic characteristics. DowGene DNA Testing Company performs analysis and determination based on 10 gene loci recommended by AKC (American Kennel Club).
  • - Test Procedures Request for testing → Collection of specimen and acceptance of application → DNA extraction → PCR amplification → Genotype analysis and interpretation → Notification of results
  • - Test ResultsThe identification of a Canine is established when the genotypes of all gene loci tested through the DNA analysis are revealed to match.
  • - Application cases of testing
    • • When the confirmation of a lineage relationship is required
    • • When submission of paternity demonstration and confirmation documents to a relevant authority is required
    • • Other cases that require paternity testing for clear lineage demonstration
  • Individual Identification and Paternity Tests for Canine

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